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hunting knife

Hunting Knives 101 – The making & the type

There are several hunting knives available in the market that will do their job quite miraculously. In this article, we’ll learn about the fundamentals of determining which hunting knife should be an ideal choice for a hunter.

best hunting knife

This is the best hunting knife in the world

Ever wonder what the best hunting knife could do? Ever wonder, what are its feature? Well, an amazing hunting knife for sure has amazing sharpness that can cut the gut, skin, butcher, and go right through every poor unfortunate animal that got in the way of your bullet. And how can we forget the wide […]

cold steel knive

This is what you must check before buying any cold steel hunting knives

A good knife does not need to look good. All cold steel hunting knives need is the steel which would help it become more sharp, lustrous, durable, and efficient. A good blade is usually relatively easy to resharpen and can be used for a variety of purposes. The multiple uses include cutting rope, whittling sticks, […]

Buck hunting knives

The quick guide to picking the best buck hunting knives

Choosing the “best of” anything is quite a difficult task, particularly when it comes down to an individual choice which is very subjective. Unfortunately, finding the best buck hunting knives is one of those tasks, as each person’s selection of knife varies depending upon the utility they need.

difference between a butcher knife and a cleaver

Butcher Knife Vs Cleaver

This guide will cover everything you need to know about the butcher knife vs cleaver debate. We will cover what each knife is and list some pros and cons. 

Hunting knives

Fixed blade hunting knives

Hunting knives are typically intended for cutting and feature a single sharp edge. Most of the knife models have a slightly curved blade, and some hunting knives may have a curved section for skinning and a straight piece for cutting slices of meat. You’ll also notice that certain blades have a ‘Gut hook.’

what is special about Case knives

Case Knife Identification and Value

We will explain what a Case knife is and what is so special about them. We will also explain how to identify a case knife. Finally, learn how to value the product if you decide to sell an old Case knife.

cleaning kitchen knife

When Must a Knife Be Cleaned and Sanitized

This guide will also explain in-depth why it is important to clean and sanitise your knives. If you are ready to learn more about this topic and keep your knives clean, let’s get started. 

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