Arkansas Knife Laws 1

Arkansas Knife Laws

Arkansas has some specific knife laws that are different from other laws.

Alabama Knife Laws 2

Alabama Knife Laws

Alabama Knife Laws are very strict when it comes to the definition of a knife.

Ohio Knife Laws 3

Ohio Knife Laws

The Knife Laws of Ohio are complex and depend on the blade’s length.

Illinois Knife Laws 4

Illinois Knife Laws

Knife laws in Illinois are a bit more complicated than they seem to be at first glance.

Texas Knife Laws 5

Texas Knife Laws

In Texas, chefs need to know what type of knife is legal and what type is not.

Indiana Knife Laws 6

Indiana Knife Laws

It is not surprising then that there are different laws about what type of knives people can carry, as well as how old you need to be to purchase one.

Idaho Knife Laws 7

Idaho Knife Laws

The reality of knife ownership in Idaho is that you can do so long as it is not concealed.

Georgia Knife Laws 8

Georgia Knife Laws

There are many reasons why you might need to know about Georgia’s laws concerning knives.

Delaware Knife Laws 10

Delaware Knife Laws

The Criminal Code of Delaware prohibits the possession, manufacture, sale, or purchase of certain knives.