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What is S30V Steel?

When looking at superior knives made in the US, you will see that S30V steel is one of the most common steels for knives blades. S30V steel is made with chrome and carbon content, and from different tests, S30V offers edge retention as well as corrosion resistance. 

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What is S35VN Steel?

Are you a passionate and keen hunter or an outdoor enthusiast who wants to venture into the hard and unfriendly lands and come across a condition where you may need a tool or knife with a sharp edge? The groundbreaking S35VN steel may interest you? To totally understand this steel, please keep on reading.

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What is VG10 Steel?

VG10 steel has fantastic edge retention due to its high carbon content and amazing corrosion resistance properties. Many blade manufacturers consider VG10 the number one choice for any knife. 

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Best Cleaver Knife

This is a perfect time of the year to buy a cleaver knife when spring is just around the corner.  You should really think about buying one this month, because it will be nice and warm during the summer, so you will not have to worry about getting cold when working outside.  Buying a cleaver knife is a good idea for all kinds of things you can use it for, like cutting meat and vegetables, but you can also use it for many other things, like chopping wood and even making your own designs out of wood.

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Best Kitchen Knife Set

Many people today are opting to buy a knife set that they can use for the rest of their lives. For the most part, kitchen knives should be the most important purchase in your life. This is because kitchen knives have to perform many functions, and they are the only tools that you will have in your kitchen. Are you looking for the best kitchen knife set? Read more below.

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