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What is Damascus steel? 1

What is Damascus steel?

Is it a type of cutlery, or is it something else entirely? Let’s take a look. Damascus steel is an example of a type of high-performance steel known as “Carbon Damascus.” This material has been used in cutting tools since the 19th century, and its use has become more prevalent today. Furthermore, while there are […]

What is 420HC Steel? 2

What is 420HC Steel?

420High Carbon steel or 420HC is a versatile and budget-friendly stainless steel utilized in different knives. The high carbon content is what makes this steel harder. On the other hand, it is still regarded as soft steel if you compare it to some other steel available out there. When it comes to quality and superiority, 420 High Carbon is rated as lower-middle-range steel.

What is 1095 Steel? 3

What is 1095 Steel?

Steel is available in different types and forms.  This is simply because steel requires serving an array of functions and uses.  It is alloyed with lots of different forms of metals for many diverse purposes.  The different kinds of metals utilized in the making of steel provide it with different properties, which is why there are many types of steel available.  Common to all forms of steel is carbon that can be found in varying amounts; it depends upon the intended application of the steel being processed.

What is 5160 Steel? 4

What is 5160 Steel?

If you’ve researched knives in the past, perhaps you have realized that many types of steel are utilized in the making of knives and blades. There are different kinds of stainless steel range from a soft one that is so simple to hone but have an issue in holding its edge to a superb hard and tough stainless steel that holds its edge perfectly and beautifully, but difficult and complex to hone.

What is 52100 Steel? 5

What is 52100 Steel?

Strength and wear-resistant are vital features to consider when buying a knife blade.  For a superior knife, make sure it is made from 52100 steel.  This type of steel is renowned for durability and great resistance to rust, making it the number one option for a lot of knife makers.  Steel 52100 is a high carbon material as it has more than one percent carbon.  High carbon steel is notorious for its capability to hold its edge for many years, which makes it a good option for utility and kitchen knives.  This steel also contains a small amount of Chromium that means it is prone to corrosion, so ensure to care of it properly.  For more information about 52100 steel, its benefits, and the best knives made from this steel, we advise you to keep on reading. 

What is AUS-8 Steel? 6

What is AUS-8 Steel?

One vital component of a superior and high quality knife is the steel utilized to create it. Versatile, tough, and damage-resistant steel can make or break the performance of the knife and provide superior standards. One popular allows usually used in the making of the knife is stainless steel. It has unmatched resistance to rust, and it is stress-free to use, easy to maintain, and very convenient for application. AUS-8 steel is high in Chromium; Japanese-made steel that is rust-resistant and very hard and is able to acquire a razor-sharp edge to place both knife lover and knife maker. The superb balance features provided by this steel from other types of steel give it so many reasons why you must search for a knife made of AUS-8 steel. 

What is D2 Steel? 7

What is D2 Steel?

You are looking at a blade with amazing characteristics and good reviews. And it features an edge made from high quality D2 steel. The fact that you are not a metallurgist or you simply have not had any experience with this type of steel in the past, you begin thinking if it is any good for a knife blade.

What is M390 Steel? 8

What is M390 Steel?

M390 steel is considered one of the most rigid stainless steel on hand for today’s knife blades. This steel falls under the category of premium steel and is infamous as the most excellent all-around steel for producing high-end and high quality blades and knives. So, in this blog, we will find out if this fantastic steel is worth an investment or just a waste of time and money. 

What is N690 Steel? 9

What is N690 Steel?

If you’re searching for the best knife or doing some research, you will see the many numbers of different knife materials available out there. There is more than 3000 steel grade out there with regards to steel. Also, you will find that one popular kind of steel is the N690. A lot of knifemakers opt for this kind of steel as it makes a dependable blade that is very corrosion resistant.

What is S30V Steel? 10

What is S30V Steel?

When looking at superior knives made in the US, you will see that S30V steel is one of the most common steels for knives blades. S30V steel is made with chrome and carbon content, and from different tests, S30V offers edge retention as well as corrosion resistance. 

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