Here’s how the Bench made Hunter knife has been improved to perform even better

Bench made hunter knife

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Hunting is usually reduced to a game of inches, but when it comes to creating knives, the same game is played down to thousandths of an inch. As a hunter, there is a never-ending search for the perfect bench-made hunter knife, and we should know that even the tiny changes may significantly impact the accuracy and performance of a knife.

Hunt’s knife collection by Benchmade’s quality and popularity has increased considerably. This series is made up of folders, and fixed blades that have been with great deliberation developed to function well enough in tough situations.

1. Ergonomics

All three models from the series got ergonomic improvements. Since skinning and dressing take a lot of time, the user spends hours at a particular spot with a knife in hand; thus, comfort is a must.

The handle’s back end was rounded down to remove a typical hotspot created in the person’s palm when they use it for a prolonged number of hours; this wouldn’t even lead them to lose control. So every knife from this collection has a pair of milled grooves along the handle’s spine that softens the 90-degree angles and helps with the enhanced comfort and easy cleaning. 

The texture has stayed mostly unaltered when it comes to the Saddle Mountain Skinner and Hidden Canyon Hunter’s handle. However, the Steep Country’s Santoprene handle has gained a new patterned texture. They are also amongst the first Benchmade HUNT products that have incorporated Richlite handles, a sustainable material made using resin-infused paper. The characteristics of Richlite is such that it provides a very traditional look and feel to the knife, but at the same time, its durable like any other modern-day life bench made hunter knife found.

2. Blades

The Saddle Mountain Skinner and Hidden Canyon Hunter have now added certain new components in its new Hunt collection. With easy honing maintenance, S90V, which comes with high-performance stainless steel with exceptionally good edge retention, saves hunters from having to sharpen or dispose of their blades very frequently.

Even the jimping on each blade has been relocated to provide users with a more comfortable positioning for increased control when applying pressure to the blade using an index finger or thumb. The straightening of the edge has made touch-ups smoother while maintaining overall edge retention.

As we know that the fingerguard on the previous Hidden Canyon Hunter often caught on stringy fascia and hide, which ultimately posed a very significant risk for slippage or mishandling during the process of skinning. Now, the small guard has been rounded down to avoid the hang-up, thereby securing the index finger in slippery situations behind the blade.

3. SelectEdge™

The honed edge is considered to be a universal element in all knives. This is because many things come together in making the bench made hunter knife, including geometry, surface texture, and material, and deliver a great performance. 

There has been a new feature that Benchmade has introduced, a new sharpening technique, SelectEdgeTM, with the MeatCrafterTM in June, and the technology has now found a home on the premium variants of the Saddle Mountain Skinner and Hidden Canyon Hunter. It is designed to work well in push-cut situations. It has a very smooth and fine edge that is sharpened to 14 degrees on each side. One can believe that precision cutting has never been easier with a fixed blade.

4. Sheaths

To retain the classic look for a prolonged period without any wear or tear, the leather sheaths have been created with characteristics of durability and security in mind. The 15002-1, 15006, and 15017-1 now feature low-profile Boltaron sheaths with enough retention that keeps the knife safe. The sheath has a flared hole on its top, allowing one to find the knife’s tip easily. 

When it comes to doing its work, these products will do it with great precision, also at the same time will help you in traveling light, shoot straight, and cut wisely.

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