The quick guide to picking the best buck hunting knives

Buck hunting knives

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A buck hunting knife is an essential piece of equipment for buck hunting. Consider hunting knives as a tool for field labor and trap construction rather than a weapon. A knife has several uses when camping and is considered an essential camping tool for carving wood, making kindling, splitting branches, and preparing game meat. It might be challenging to choose which one’s the best hunting knife for one, as they’re so many demanding duties that might make it a difficult task.

Hunting knives are constructed of harder, more corrosion-resistant steel, such as stainless steel or titanium. As a result, they have a unique and more durable construction that makes them ideal for completing little tasks while camping.

Choosing the “best of” anything is quite a difficult task, particularly when it comes down to an individual choice which is very subjective. Unfortunately, finding the best hunting knife is one of those tasks, as each person’s selection of knife varies depending upon the utility they need.

There are several options, and it is apparent that it is dependent on what you are looking for. So, here are the best five hunting knives to consider.

Buck Knives 110

This folding knife is often known as a Jackknife and was popularised some 400 years ago by seafarers. Although its durability and strength are not particularly attractive, everyone appreciates its portability and simple to pack nature, as there is no need to bring an extra sheath to put a folder inside. It has a relatively traditional folding style with a clip-point blade constructed of 420HC steel that has been heat-treated to harden. Its crescent tip makes the blade appear thin and sharpens the point, providing superb control for precise work and cutting in small spaces.

Benchmade 15200ORG Altitude

The hunting knife is designed to be extremely lightweight, weighs only 1.67 oz, and is exceptionally useful and robust. It has a steel blade and revolutionary carbon fibre micro inlays for flexibility and control that you won’t find in most skeletonized knives. Unfortunately, you may also see a bit jimping down the knife’s spine of its blade and on the handle. It isn’t a heavy-duty large game hunting knife, but trust us, it’s an excellent option for everyday usage.

Buck 105 Pathfinder

With a total length of 9 and a 5″ long blade constructed of 420HC steel, this, to be honest, is an excellent multi-purpose hunting knife. Along with its other features, it has a hollow ground edge, which makes it useful for everyday outdoor cutting chores like cutting twine and rope. Its handle is made of black Phenolic and has an aluminum finger guard and buck cap.

It is nothing but simply an outstanding hunting knife with a solid design and build. Although one cannot use this knife for rigorous chopping or batoning, it can be used for almost any other outdoor activity.

Rapala Fish’ n’ Fillet Knife 7″

Hunting fillet is commonly used for filleting as well as deboning fish and poultry, as well as deboning carcasses. Of course, one cannot and shouldn’t use fillet knives to field-dress larger animals such as deer, but as a fisherman, one knows how significant a quality fillet is.

Rapala Fillet Knives by Marttiini seems to be the benchmark of fishing knives. There is a vast variety of sizes available, ranging from 6″ to 9″. These knives are razor-sharp, and they also have a little hand sharpener to keep it that way. It possesses a tapered, flexible, full-tang European stainless steel blade that takes and retains an ultra-sharp edge and is securely fixed in a classic engraved wood grip.

Buck 393 Omni Hunter Gut Hook

A gut hook is a tiny hook at the end of a blade which aids in the removal of an animal’s skin by “unzipping” the body and allowing field dressing. This knife is excellent when it comes to cutting ropes or any other materials. It has a 4′′ blade composed of a 420HC stainless steel blade, which helps keep its edge efficient when using it for dressing, and its curved handle has grip ridges for enabling a comfortable holding.

These are the best knives that, as a hunter, one can go for and won’t be disappointed for sure. 


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