What is 1095 Steel?

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Steel is available in different types and forms.  This is simply because steel requires serving an array of functions and uses.  It is alloyed with lots of different forms of metals for many diverse purposes.  The different kinds of metals utilized in the making of steel provide it with different properties, which is why there are many types of steel available. 

Common to all forms of steel is carbon that can be found in varying amounts; it depends upon the intended application of the steel being processed.

What is 1095 Steel?

Steel 1095 is one of the oldest types of steel, and it is common in knives and blades.  As will all 10xx lines of steel, the initial two numbers in its name show the two major components in the alloys, and the last two indicate the amount of carbon content.  For example, the first number 1 is carbon, and 0 means there is no second element present in the steel, while the last digit “95” means 0.95 percent carbon composition in 1095 steel.

1095 is basic carbon steel as it has just two major elements, manganese, and carbon.  It is moderately tough with wear-resistant.  1095 steel lacks manganese for amazing toughness; however, it is flexible and harder than other 10xx steel out there like 1060, 1070 as well as 1080.  1095 is ideal for a knife because it is simple and easy to hone, and it sustains an edge relatively well.  On the other hand, it needs some purposeful care to stay free from rust.

1095 carbon steel is well-established and very simple.  It is rich carbon steel popular in swords.  It has long dependability in kitchen cutlery making because sharpening is a breeze and is able to obtain amazing razor-sharpness.  However, it is deficient in the various elements common in contemporary steel forms and, as a result, not so well in corrosion resistance and toughness.  If you search for a high-quality knife, 1095 steel might be the best start.

Not like modern alloys available, 1095 steel has a particular and extremely short composition of chemicals.  It lacks some common elements like chromium that boosts corrosion and rusting.  It has high carbon content and extra manganese, which makes it sufficiently hard to resist tear and wear.  Elements found in this steel are as follows:

  • Carbon 0.95%: This boosts the toughness and consequently wears as well as corrosion resistance of the steel.
  • Manganese 0.5%: This element is responsible for the additional toughness of the carbon steel.
  • Phosphorus 0.03%: It improves the potency of steel.
  • Sulfur 0.05%: This makes the carbon steel; easy to sharpen, making it the preferred steel by many knife makers.
  • The rest is iron.

The Benefits of 1095 Steel

There are lots of benefits offered by this kind of steel.  Some of the notable advantages of 1095 steel are as follows:

Remarkable Hardness

1095 has a fantastic hardness lying between 55 and 58 HRC.  This is considered a perfect rigidity for steel.  It is accountable for wear resistance and fantastic edge retention of the steel.

Remarkable Edge Retention

This carbon steel takes an extremely good edge and stays for a long time.  The combination of manganese and carbon makes it truly hard carbon steel.  This witness considerable development in its capability to maintain an edge.  If you are a knife user, the key to making the 1095 knife keep the edge longer is through proper heating treatment.

Amazing Wear Resistance

This is a rigid grade carbon steel and offers fantastic wear resistance.  This may not be the most excellent wear resistance as opposed to other types of steel; however, it is best enough to survive outdoor application.

Corrosion Resistant

One problem with 1095 carbon steel is that it is not stainless.  Therefore it is prone to rust.  Keeping this thing in mind, you are able to take some precautions to keep the blade or knife safe and sound from deteriorating.  One effective approach is the cleaning as well as drying of the knife using a cloth after application.  Oiling the steel blade after cleaning it dry will help a lot in forming a protective wall against rust.

Also, many manufacturers of knives today that utilize this steel equipped their blades with a defensive covering to avoid catching rust.

Steel Toughness

This carbon steel has amazing toughness and is able to survive hard use.  Survival knives and Bushcrafting featuring this material will hold up extremely well for hard jobs without presenting any indications of breaking or chipping.

Sharpening is a Breeze

Another amazing benefit of this steel is that it is easy to sharpen.  You can sharpen your knife made of this steel; it doesn’t matter if you are at work or in the woods, and you will have an extremely good edge without too much effort.  This makes the 1095 steel a good option for newbies who want to get used to the art of sharpening a knife.

Best Knife with 1095 Steel

1095 has survived for many years because of its amazing performance when utilized in knives and swords.  It has amazing edge holding and is so easy to sharpen.  This is old steel that is tough and, as a result, perfect for EDC and outdoor knives.  Some of the best knives made from 1095 steel are as follows:

ESEE Knives 6P Fixed Blade Knife

For those who are searching for a reliable fixed knife that is able to survive daily use, then ESEE is an amazing choice.  It has come with 6.5-inches long blade.  It only weighs 12oz; ESEE knives can survive camping, bushcraft as well as survival jobs.

ESEE Knives also feature 1095 steel blades.  It is easy to sharpen, even if you are in the woods.  It has a micarta handle that is comfortable and easy to hold and, at the same time, offers an amazing grip without causing stress and pressure on your hands.   The integrated handle is easy to clean using a clean cloth.

This 1095 knife is delivered with a tough polymer sheath as well as cozily accommodate the knife.  The knife is locked securely in the sheath; therefore, it will not fall off fast.  You can hook the sheath to the belt using a clip for comfortable and safe carry.

Ontario Knife Co. Rat-7 Fixed Blade Knife

Ontario knife is a very tough knife that comes with 1095 steel that provides amazing edge retention as well as superior toughness, and this is available for a reasonable price.  Measuring 7-inches long, Ontario Knife Co., Rat-7 Fixed Blade Knife is a perfect option for everyday carry, camping, utility, and everywhere else where utmost toughness is needed.

As anticipated, this knife is delivered razor-sharp.  What is more, it has the ability to hold an edge even for many years of use.  Sharpening this knife is a breeze as well, making it perfect for newbies, and only for some passes will you get a fine edge.  It is also rust-resistant as it is covered with a sturdy black layer.

This knife is equipped with a micarta handle that is tough but offers amazing comfort.  It fits well and comfortably in hand and will not put a strain even if you use it for long hours.  The handle does not transfer fright from the blade, which adds an amazingly comfortable feel.

The Kydex sheath is right out from the box, which provides a stress-free way of bringing the knife anywhere you want to go; it is effortlessly adaptable to the right or left-handed carry, making it perfect for every user.  Also, it comes with a scrap for a simple and stress-free MOLLE attachment.

Schrade SCHF9 12.1in Fixed Blade Knife

This is one of the best blades available today and is considered a real companion in all outdoor adventures such as surviving, hiking, and camping.  The properly crafted, reasonably priced knife has a full tang style, making it tough enough to handle daily use.  The 6.4 inches blade is made from superior 1095 steel for superb resistance to breaking and chipping and toughness.

The handle is equipped with ring texturing.  It provides a beefy hold in diverse working cases.  The integrated finger choil and thumb jimping provide the user with a slip-free experience. 

In spite of the low price, this well-made knife has a tough ballistic sheath made of nylon for instant access and safe carry.


1095 steel has seen better times, with a lot of knife manufacturers having a knife in the market made of 1095 steel.  You’ll surely encounter many brands of knives made from this steel in your chase for the best knife steel.  In spite of having a low corrosion-resistant feature, 1095 steel is great for almost all types of blades and knives.  This will serve you for many years, but make sure to take good care of it.

The knife comes razor-sharp out of the box and will do a good job at keeping this edge for a long time.  Getting the edge back up will be easy if your knife gets dull, even when out in the field.


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