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Wyoming Knife Laws 1

Wyoming Knife Laws

Introduction: What is the Legal Status of Knives in Wyoming?

In Wyoming, there is no legal status for knives but if you are caught in the act of carrying a knife on your person, you can be charged with third degree felony.

As Wyoming has a very low crime rate, there is no need to impose strict regulations on knives. Wyoming has a “Baker Act”, which provides for the seizure of any potentially dangerous item that could cause harm to another person.

It is illegal in Wyoming to carry a concealed knife with more than three-and-a-half inches of blade length.

In Wyoming, knives are a regulated commodity. There is a legal status of knives in Wyoming. If you own any type of knife, large or small, you need to have it registered with the state and it needs to be inspected by the authorities before you can buy or sell them.

In Wyoming there is no prohibition on owning a knife.

What Knives You Can Carry in Public?

What knives you can carry in public varies from state to state. The differences are usually based on the laws of each state and may be different for cities or counties.

In Wyoming, you can carry a knife wherever you generally can carry a firearm. While knives are legal to carry in the state, they must be sheathed and placed in a pocket or sheath.

As of now, Wyoming is the only state that allows people to carry any type of knife without restriction. It is up to each individual to decide if they want to follow these rules or not.

Wyoming state law codes make it easy for individuals to carry two hunting knives on their person.

They require you to have a concealed carry permit in order to carry a knife that is concealed as well as one that is open or partially revealed.

Switchblade Knife Law in Wyoming

Switchblade knives are legal in Wyoming but the law prohibits them from being carried concealed. There was a lawsuit filed against the Wyoming Bill of Rights which said that “a switchblade knife is a weapon within the meaning of the second amendment to the United States Constitution, and as such, is an individual right.”

Switchblades have been around for decades and have been used all across America. The first recorded use of switchblades was in 1915. They were initially designed as an officer’s and soldier’s utility knife. Switchblades can be found in any kind of design out there and vary in size.

In Wyoming, switchblades must be stored in a sheath or holster and locked by a key that’s attached to the blade. Penalties for carrying a switchblade without a permit include fines up to $500 as well as imprisonment of up to one year.


The laws governing what type of knife can be carried with you in the state of Wyoming is complicated. The laws vary from knife to knife, so it’s important for people to know what type of knife falls under specific regulations.

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