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Rhode Island Knife Laws 1

Rhode Island Knife Laws

What is the Legal Age to Carry Knives in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island knife law is one of the most stringent and complex knife laws in the United States.

The legal age to carry a knife in Rhode Island is 16 years old. With this, knives are treated as any other tool, which can be carried by anyone over the age of sixteen. They are not considered deadly weapons unless the person using them intends harm or harassment.

Knives are not considered deadly weapons unless the person using them intends harm or harassment. This means that you could own and carry a knife without breaking any laws if you are 18 years of age or older, but only if you have no intent for it to be used unlawfully against others.

It is legal for minors under the age of 18 to be in possession of a knife with blades less than 4” long as long as it does not have an edged blade.

It is illegal for people under 18 years old to carry knives with blades that are over 4” long, or knifes with blades which are more than 2½” wide, or knifes with edged blades.

Knife Law About Switchblades

Switchblades are some of the most controversial knives on the market. In Rhode Island, they are illegal to carry unless you have a valid hunting license and there is no statewide ban on switchblades like some other states.

Some people also think that banning switchblades would increase violence by making criminals switch from other types of knives and guns.

Switchblades were originally designed for warfare, but in the early 1900s they transitioned from a weapon to a tool and became popular as pocket knives. However, it wasn’t until the 1990s that switchblade laws were seen as being obsolete.

Switchblades are considered illegal in just about every state, but Rhode Island is an exception.

The United States government enacted legislation banning switchblades in 1988 after a murder case where an individual used their blade to attack his victim resulting in severe injuries. This ban is what led to Rhode Island making its own law on switchblades after they noticed that other states had already made theirs outdated.

People who are found with switchblade knives in their possession can be charged with a first degree misdemeanor or a felony. Additionally, if someone is charged with carrying a switchblade knife and they have been convicted of any crime involving violence or threat of violence, they will be sentenced to six months imprisonment.

Switchblades are often considered dangerous and illegal because they do not require much force to open up, which makes them hard for law enforcement personnel to find.

How Do Rhode Island Knife Laws Apply When on Your Person?

The law does allow for knives to be carried when hunting, fishing, camping, hiking or participating in other outdoor recreational activities.

Knives are also allowed for use as tools that could damage property when the person has an appropriate permit or license.

Knives are not allowed in Rhode Island if they are concealed on your person or if they are transported by a passenger in a motor vehicle.

It’s illegal to carry a knife with you in Rhode Island if it’s not on your person. This means that you need to have the knife in a pocket or sheath, strapped to your leg, or in something other than your hand.

Some states have different laws when it comes to carrying knives in public. However, the law of the state you are in may supersede the federal law.

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