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One of the most important things to consider in selecting a knife is how comfortable it feels in your hand.  A good chef will tell you that a knife that doesn’t feel right in your hand is an instant turn-off.  A kitchen knife is an essential tool for every Chef.  Whether you are catering a party or cooking a family meal, you need to have the best set of knives in the business.  But, picking the right set of knives can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for.  That’s why we have come up with a handy guide that will help you find the best kitchen knife for you.

Almost everyone has a good kitchen knife that they use every day, and they are pretty much the same.  But if you really want to find the best kitchen knife, you need to think about the following. 


The kitchen is the domain of the Chef, but the knife is the common denominator.  It is, in effect, the tool that allows the Chef to work and prepare food.  The best kitchen knife is something that, once owned, is subject to regular and constant use—and that is why it’s essential to choose carefully.  There are a lot of great knives out on the market, but not all are created equal.  You can spend anywhere from 100 to thousands of dollars on a single knife, so it’s worth considering the type of cutting you plan to do, your budget, and what you’re looking for.  There is no one size fits all thing when it comes to kitchen knives, and you really shouldn’t just blindly buy the first knife you see.  Instead, consider the functionality of the knife and the materials used in the knife’s construction.


A knife is a valuable tool that you can use to do various everyday tasks.  When you purchase a knife, you will want to pay attention to the handle, the blade, the weight, and the length, as well as the design of the blade.  A well-crafted kitchen knife will be made of high-quality stainless steel that is easy to clean.

Knives length 

Knives are one of the most important tools in any kitchen.  They are used for everything from chopping to food preparation, but not all knives are created equally.  While most knives are made with different materials, some are made with different length knives.


Choosing the best kitchen knife is not an easy task.  There are many types of kitchen knives that range in prices and features.  This article will focus on kitchen knives that are considered high performance, but it is not limited to high-performance knives.  If you are interested in purchasing a high-performance kitchen knife, I strongly recommend that you read this article and decide which type of kitchen knife would be the best for you.

Specialty knives 

Specialty knives are great to have around the home, but it can get annoying to look for the right one at the right time.  In order to help with this, we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly used knives and what you should look for when buying the right one for you.

Best kitchen knife

Chopping and slicing food is one of the fundamental tasks of cooking, which is why there are so many different kinds of kitchen knives available.  When it comes to buying a knife, you should spend time finding the one that best suits your cooking style, budget, and personal preferences.  If you are not sure about which type of knife to buy, check out our list of the best kitchen knives.  Here are the following:

Shun Cutlery Classic Serrated Utility Knife 6", Narrow, Straight-Bladed Kitchen Knife Perfect for Precise Cuts, Ideal for Preparing Sandwiches or Trimming Small Vegetables, Handcrafted Japanese Knife
KRAMER by ZWILLING EUROLINE Essential Collection 8" Chef's Knife
WÜSTHOF Classic 7" Craftsman Knife, Black
Shun Cutlery Classic Serrated Utility Knife 6", Narrow, Straight-Bladed Kitchen Knife Perfect for Precise Cuts, Ideal for Preparing Sandwiches or Trimming Small Vegetables, Handcrafted Japanese Knife
KRAMER by ZWILLING EUROLINE Essential Collection 8" Chef's Knife
WÜSTHOF Classic 7" Craftsman Knife, Black
Price not available
Shun Cutlery Classic Serrated Utility Knife 6", Narrow, Straight-Bladed Kitchen Knife Perfect for Precise Cuts, Ideal for Preparing Sandwiches or Trimming Small Vegetables, Handcrafted Japanese Knife
Shun Cutlery Classic Serrated Utility Knife 6", Narrow, Straight-Bladed Kitchen Knife Perfect for Precise Cuts, Ideal for Preparing Sandwiches or Trimming Small Vegetables, Handcrafted Japanese Knife
KRAMER by ZWILLING EUROLINE Essential Collection 8" Chef's Knife
KRAMER by ZWILLING EUROLINE Essential Collection 8" Chef's Knife
Price not available
WÜSTHOF Classic 7" Craftsman Knife, Black
WÜSTHOF Classic 7" Craftsman Knife, Black

Shun Classic Knife a 6 Inch, Serrated Utility

Classic knives are undoubtedly one of the best knives out there.  They come in a wide variety of styles, but the most popular and traditional of them all are serrated knives.  They are generally easier to use and safer than the other types of knives, but they tend to be more expensive than the other types.  The Shun Serrated Utility is a well-balanced extended-work knife with a 3.25 in. blade, accented by the new wavy, serrated blade.  This blade is an ideal slicing blade, allowing for great control and complete slicing of an array of foods.  The handle is made of a comfortable black phenolic resin and has a fantastic edge and edge retention.

Best Kitchen Knife 1

Shun is a company that has been around since the early 1900s, and the company is still family-run to this day.  The company believes that the way to stay on top of the cutting edge with knives is not by changing the blades periodically but by changing the design of your knives.  This is because the way a thinner blade is made has changed, and the way a sharper blade is made has changed, and Shun believes this is the only way to stay on top of the cutting edge.


  • It is sharp
  • It has a smaller blade and handle


–      This is not good for those who have big hands

Shun Cutlery Classic Serrated Utility Knife 6", Narrow, Straight-Bladed Kitchen Knife Perfect for Precise Cuts, Ideal for Preparing Sandwiches or Trimming Small Vegetables, Handcrafted Japanese Knife
  • UTILITY KITCHEN KNIFE: In between a chef knife and paring knife with a narrow, straighter blade, the Shun 6-inch Classic Serrated Utility Knife is the ideal tool cutting tough-skinned fruits and vegetables like avocado.
  • SANDWICH KNIFE: Utility knives are sometimes called sandwich knives. They're perfect for preparing almost everything that goes into a sandwich – from thin-skinned vegetables like tomatoes to meats and cheeses.
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Constructed with Shun's proprietary VG-MAX cutting core and clad in 68 layers of stainless Damascus, this kitchen utility knife is corrosion and stain resistant with a strong, razor-sharp edge.
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLE: The D-shaped, ebony-finished Pakkawood handle is durable, beautiful, and comfortable to use for both left- and right-handed users. Plus, it doesn't harbor bacteria.
  • TRADITIONAL, ARTISAN CUTLERY: Inspired by the traditions of ancient Japan, Shun knives are handcrafted by highly skilled artisans to produce blades of unparalleled quality and beauty.

Mercer Cutlery Renaissance

The Mercer Renaissance series is a line of high-end carbon steel knives that are all made in the USA.  The 8-Inch Chef’s knife is the largest knife in the series, and it is designed for users who have larger hands and require a knife with a generous amount of belly.  The spine is thick to ensure a comfortable grip, and the bolster is rounded for better comfort.

Best Kitchen Knife 2

With a Mercer Cutlery Renaissance, 8-Inch Chef’s Knife, Black you’ll never eat a better dinner than with this knife that cuts like a dream.  The blade is a single piece of stainless steel and is hollow ground for a super sharp edge, making it a breeze to cut through even the toughest of foods, whether you’re using it for slicing, dicing, chopping, or even mincing.

The Mercer Renaissance Collection is the most realistic and detailed line of kitchen knives available.  This 8-inch Chef’s knife is forged from the highest quality stainless steel, hand sharpened, and ready to cut into the perfect steak or slice the perfect tomato.


  • It is durable
  • It is super sharp
  • Has effortless cutting


–      The sharpness doesn’t last long


KRAMER by ZWILLING EUROLINE Essential Collection 8” Chef’s Knife is a special series of knives from Zwilling J.A. Henckels.  The knives have a robust, heavy-duty cutting edge with a fantastic, professional look.  This series achieves its renown thanks to the handle consisting of a thinner, more comfortable plastic that has the same color and texture as wood.  The wood grain has been applied using an aerating process, so the handles retain their natural color.  The grain pattern is distinctive and is still visible thanks to the lighter color.

Best Kitchen Knife 3

An essential chef’s knife that comes with a lifetime warranty.  If that’s not enough, here’s what makes this knife special.  The blade is made using Japanese steel that is highly resistant to rust.  This is a must-have for any serious chef, particularly because it is a grade of steel that is often expensive.  The blade is very sharp, which makes it easier to cut through anything.  The handle is made from a composite material that makes it strong and comfortable to use.  It allows the knife to be held comfortably, despite its weight.


  • It’s sharp
  • It is great to use in the tough and delicate task


  • Handle are not that good
KRAMER by ZWILLING EUROLINE Essential Collection 8" Chef's Knife
  • Manufactured in Seki, Japan
  • FC61 fine-carbide steel
  • Designed to Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer's exacting specifications
  • Traditional 3-step hand sharpening for exceptionally high sharpness
  • Polished bolster and full tang construction for perfect balance, Handcrafted, signature Bob Kramer handle mosaic pin

Wusthof 1040134318 Classic Craftsman Knife

All knives have a hard time being accepted by a lot of people as they are seen as a tool with a potentially dangerous purpose.  But as a work of art and a tool, knives are also known for their functionality.  There are knives that are good for slicing, knives that are good to use when carving, and others that are good to use for filleting fish.  Even though there are differences, all knives have 2 purposes of serving.  They are the main tools for a chef and a tool for the kitchen.

Best Kitchen Knife 4

Wusthof products are widely regarded as some of the best-made kitchen knives available.  Their knives are made with the best materials, exceptional quality, and craftsmanship, and they are built to last a lifetime.  Wusthof knives are also known for their exceptional balance, a characteristic that allows for effortless slicing, rocking, and chopping.  Wusthof knives are designed to be easy to use, even for those with the most novice of skill.

With its classic black handle, this Wusthof classic is sure to be a showstopper in your kitchen.  Crafted from durable stainless steel, it features a razor-sharp blade in a D-shape for precise cuts.  The black handle is comfortable to hold and features an attractive textured pattern that is both attractive and practical.  This model also features a textured pattern on the blade, which enhances grip, ensuring that your hand is not slipping.


  • Great to use as a boning knife
  • It is super sharp
  • Slicing, filleting this knife is the best to use


  • The stainless steel is easily get scratched
WÜSTHOF Classic 7" Craftsman Knife, Black
  • WÜSTHOF CLASSIC SERIES – The Full Tang, Triple Riveted handles of the Classic Line offer the widest range of cutlery that can satisfy every home cook or professional chef. The WÜSTHOF Classic Series has been our best-selling series for generations
  • CENTURIES OF TRADITION – Family owned for seven generations, WÜSTHOF was founded in Solingen, Germany over 200 years ago. WÜSTHOF’s cutlery carries the Solingen name, a designation reserved for products that meet the strictest quality standards

Mac Knife Professional 8 Inch

A chef—or for that matter, anyone who cooks at home and enjoys the beauty of food—will know how important kitchen knives are.  From an aesthetic point of view, they are the finishing touch that takes the cook outside of the kitchen and into the realm of the artist, where they are free to express their culinary talents.  This is why many chefs and craftspeople prefer an enamel-coated knife, as the heat of the flame will not alter the surface of the blade.  This is why it is important to choose the right knife and the right material so they will last a lifetime.  Mac Knife Professional 8 Inch Hollow Edge Chef Knife, we found it to be a quality, well-made knife that is comfortable to hold and use and performs well.

Best Kitchen Knife 5

Mac Knife Professional 8 Inch Hollow Edge Chef Knife is also known as a professional chef knife.  Chef knife has been a popular kitchen knife in the retail market since the mid-20th century.  Yet, chefs, today have more options than ever before.  This is due in part to the increasing popularity of cooking shows on television and in the kitchen, which have made chefs more visible.

A knife is an essential part of any home kitchen for all sorts of different reasons.  One of the most important uses is slicing and chopping vegetables and fruits to make meals.  A good knife will make this process easier, put less strain on your wrists, and improve your overall cooking experience.  The Mac Knife Professional 8 Inch Hollow Edge Chef Knife is a superb example of what a good knife should be.  Its well-balanced design ensures that it will handle all food types, while its hollow-ground blade will leave you with a wonderfully clean cut.


  • It has a thin blade that has clean and precise cuts
  • It is lightweight
  • It is really sharp


  • Blade gets easily rusted

Most of us own a knife in the kitchen.  The kitchen knife is the main tool in our kitchen.  It is used to cut the ingredients to prepare our food.  It is the most important tool we can have in our kitchen.  It is the only tool we can use to cut the food.  It is a must-have tool to own.  A kitchen knife is also called a chef’s knife.  A chef’s knife is a great tool to own.  A chef’s knife is versatile in that it can do many things in the kitchen.

MAC Knife Professional series 8" Chef's knife w/dimples MTH-80
  • 2.5mm blade. The added dimples help the knife to glide through sticky foods such as potatoes, apples, and summer squash
  • Lightweight. Knife Length- 12.63 inches
  • Pakka wood handle. Blade thickness - 2.5 mm
  • Hand wash is recommended Not dishwasher safe
  • Made In Japan


Having a good quality kitchen knife can simplify your life and add a lot of fun.  You probably think of a sharpened blade and a comfortable handle when you think of a kitchen knife.  While a sturdy kitchen knife isn’t a requirement, it can certainly help make cooking a breeze.  Of course, when it comes to the best kitchen knives, there are plenty of choices on the market—many with features that can help you save time and effort.


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