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Idaho Knife Laws 1

Idaho Knife Laws

Introduction: Knife Ownership in Idaho

The reality of knife ownership in Idaho is that you can do so long as it is not concealed.

For the most part, knives are legal to carry in Idaho. Knife ownership laws might be different depending on whether it has a blade that is four inches or longer.

Idaho’s laws allow for some people to carry knives, but those knives must be secured and not concealed.

Idaho knife laws are some of the more lenient in the country. According to Idaho state law, if someone is over 18 years old they can carry a knife or another cutting instrument with them without any fear of prosecution. However, these knives must be securely sheathed or handled in such a way that it will not be concealed from public view. This means that you cannot have your knife in your pocket, unless you are wearing clothing that has pockets large enough to hold it safely. You also cannot have your knife hidden in any way on your person.

Fighting with Knives in Idaho

In Idaho, it is perfectly legal to carry a concealed weapon. It is also legal to possess a pocket knife that has a blade that is more than 3 inches long in your vehicle or on your person. Additionally, you can legally use a knife in self-defense.

Fighting with knives is not always illegal in Idaho, but if you do it without provocation or if you cause serious injury to the other person, you could face charges.

If you are using the knife in self-defense against someone else and they die or suffer great bodily harm, then it becomes illegal under Idaho law.

Exceptions to Idaho’s Knife Laws

Idaho knife laws are very strict and there are few exceptions to these laws. Know the law and how it will affect you before carrying your knife around in Idaho.

The law that prohibits possession of a weapon in a school or at a school activity does not apply to an individual who possesses a folding knife if the blade is less than three inches.

If the knife is used for work purposes, if the blade is less than four inches, and if it has a closed metal handle with no blade more than three and one-half inches long.

A person may carry, wear, display, or transport a knife anywhere in the state if it is enclosed within a carrying case, belt holster, shoulder holster, pocket holster, hunting coat for hunting purposes, worn openly by the person without any concealed intent whatsoever if it is worn solely for purposes of being used as part of historical reenactment or dress


Idaho’s knife laws are one of the more unusual exceptions to their firearms laws. They are also very specific about what kind of knives are permissible for carry, sale, and purchase.

A knife is considered a weapon if it has a blade that is longer than three inches in length. It also includes any sharp pointed object that is suspended from the end of a handle or grip, regardless of length or whether it can be used as a throwing weapon.

The legality of carrying knives with blades on them depends on the type of knife and its intended use. There are some exceptions to Idaho’s knife laws for people who have permits, who work at certain occupations, or who have other special circumstances.

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