Kentucky Knife Laws

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Introduction to Knife Regulations in Kentucky

The recent changes in Kentucky’s knife regulations law have been met with mixed feelings. While some citizens think it was long overdue, others feel like it will make it easier for people who want to do harm with knives to do so without consequences.

Knife Regulations in Kentucky is different from other states. There are no restrictions on the type of knife you carry as long as it is not concealed and not dangerous. To use a knife for hunting or fishing you must have an annual license issued by the Wildlife Resources Agency.

The most important rule to remember is that it is illegal to carry a knife concealed with the intent of harming somebody else!

Knife Law and Self-Defense

Knives are an essential part of any self-defense kit. We should always remember that you can use a knife in self-defense if you are being attacked with one, but there are specific laws about the knives you can have.

Self-defense with a knife or carrying a knife in public may vary by state because of the different laws around carrying weapons in general. Knives are allowed to be carried with blades less than 3 inches long but it may depend on local laws because knives are generally seen as weapons covered under the law for concealed carry firearms or others laws.

If you are not sure what the law is in your area, check with your local law enforcement agency or legal advisor

Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Concealed carry is the act of carrying a concealed weapon, either on one’s person, in a purse, bag, car or elsewhere on one’s person. It is commonly contrasted with open carry where the weapon is not concealed. Carrying a concealed weapon may be illegal in some jurisdictions.

The legality of carrying a concealed weapon is governed by state laws, which in turn are interpreted by the courts. Open carry is generally legal with some limitations, e.g. knives may be illegal to carry in certain jurisdictions

Individuals can bring knives with them when they are traveling through public places – the kind of knife varies depending on their state law.

A person can be arrested or charged with a crime if they are found to be carrying a concealed weapon in prohibited areas like schools, government buildings, and bars

Knife owners must be careful when it comes to carrying their knives in public because there are many restrictions on where they can take them and what they can do with them in public buildings, schools, correctional facilities and airports in particular.


It is illegal to carry a concealed knife with the blade longer than 3 ½ inches in Kentucky. If the blade is longer than 3 ½ inches, it must be carried open and not concealed. It is also illegal to have a knife on school property for any purpose other than educational or recreational use.

Knives are dangerous in the hands of an untrained owner and they can take an innocent human life in a matter of seconds so make sure you train yourself properly.


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