Maine Knife Laws

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By understanding Maine Knife Laws, people are able to reduce the risks of being charged with a crime.

Maine’s knife laws are very specific and must be followed carefully. The following information is an introduction to Maine Knife Laws, which must be read in conjunction with the actual legislation itself.

Maine law prohibits individuals from carrying any “dangerous weapon” in public without good reason (21-A MRSA § 2103). The law defines a “dangerous weapon” as anything that can be used in a manner that is likely to produce death or serious bodily injury (21-A MRSA § 2124). A dangerous weapon includes knives, brass knuckles, blackjacks, nunchaku sticks, bows and arrows, explosives or incendiary devices.

There are also knife exceptions for hunting knives and other types of knives used for fishing or other jobs related to living off the land.

Self-Defense Using Knives

Knives are one of the most accessible weapons. They can be used for hunting, in the kitchen or in self-defense situations. A knife is a tool that can be sued for many things.

Self-defense is the reason most people own and carry a knife, but it can become problematic if the person carrying the knife does so illegally because they may be charged with possession of a weapon under the law.

People who live in Maine may get arrested if they use a knife to hurt someone else, even if it was done in self-defense. Maine does not have state knife law on their books. The state legislature has not made any law on the use of knives as self-defense devices for self-defense purposes.

Maine Knife Laws include:

  • No more than 1/4″ thickness in blade length
  • No more to be pointed or sharpened
  • No dirk, dagger, or other stabbing weapon

In Maine, the law states that if someone intends to use the knife for self-defense or during an attack, they can carry it with them without any penalty. However, they need to have their hands on the knife at all times when carrying it in public.

Generally speaking, it is not legal to carry a weapon with the intent to harm someone else in Maine. And while weapons are prohibited on school property, it’s unclear if carrying a weapon for self-defense is allowed on school property.


Unfortunately, some states have strict knife laws that prohibit the carrying of knives of any size. A good example is Maine, which prohibits all people from carrying a knife or dangerous weapon with an intent to commit a crime. If you are found possessing one in the state of Maine, you are subject to imprisonment up to 10 years.

How to protect yourself? Do your research on the law before purchasing a knife online. If you are living in one of these states that prohibits knives, then it’s best not to buy one at all. If you live in New York City and want to own a switchblade for self-defense purposes, then it would be best not to carry it on your person when you leave your home.


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