Mississippi Knife Laws

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Mississippi Knife Laws: What You Need to Know

Mississippi is a state that allows the open carry of knives of all kinds.

It is now legal to carry a knife with a blade 3 inches or less without any requirement to have the blade opened or closed.

It is legal to open your pocket knife and use it as necessary for self-defense purposes.

The following is a list of knives that are legal to carry in Mississippi:

  • A pocket knife with a blade 3 inches or less.
  • A hunting knife.
  • A knife with a folding blade that is 3 inches or less, that may be used for hunting or fishing.
  • Any type of kitchen knife.
  • Any type of tool used by farmers and fishermen.

The following are not allowed in Mississippi:

  • Switchblades, butterfly knives, throwing stars, ballistic knives, automatic knives, pneumatic knives.

In Mississippi it is illegal for anyone to carry any stabbing instrument on their person with the intent to use it as a weapon against another person. This includes all kinds of knives including switchblades and ballistic knives.

There are 3 exemptions to this law:

  • individuals holding a valid permit to carry a concealed gun on their person;
  • individuals carrying a knife in their home for purposes of protection;
  • individuals carrying an ordinary pocketknife while working in the field who have no intention of using

Definition of a Bowie Knife

The Bowie knife is a large sheath knife with a crossguard and a clip point blade. It was made popular by American frontiersman, Colonel James Bowie, who used it in the Battle of New Orleans in 1828. It was originally designed for hunting animals, but it became famous for being used during the American Civil War due to its ability to be used both as an excellent weapon and tool. It has been associated with outlaws and has been popularized through Hollywood movies such as Lone Ranger, True Grit, Johnny Appleseed or The Last Samurai.

The most popular use for this type of knife is as an individual weapon in hand-to-hand combat or as an assassination weapon. They are often seen in hunting stores and they have a wide variety of blade shapes. The blade is typically between 6 inches and 12 inches long.

Bowie Knife is a large knife with a blade that is either curved or straight, with a handle that is long enough to be grasped in both hands. It has many uses, including skinning game, hunting small animals, preparing food, cutting wood and clearing brush.

Bowie Knife are generally recognized as being the first American hunting knife because of their ruggedness and versatility.

Knife Blade Length

Knife blade length is a major factor in what makes a knife illegal to carry. In the state of Mississippi, knives can have blades that are no more than four inches from point to heel. The blade must be under five inches from the top of the handle to the point for it to be legal.

A law enforcement officer may take and keep possession of any knife having a blade exceeding four inches in length from a person found carrying it within the officer’s jurisdiction, whether the person resists or not.

A knife blade can measure up to 12 inches depending on the type of cuisine that it is intended for, for instance a chef may need a longer blade than someone who is just cooking at home.

The Mississippi Knife Laws state that any knife over 4 inches long must be considered as an instrument of crime if it is carried in public as well as any other item such as pepper spray or stun guns.

This means that those who carry knives over 4 inches long risk being charged with carrying an illegal weapon, punishable by up to $1000 fine or up.


The law about carrying knives in Mississippi is very specific. It not only defines whether or not you are allowed to carry knives but also the length of the blades that are permissible. To ensure that you are following all requirements, it is best to keep yourself informed.


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