Oklahoma Knife Laws

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Oklahoma Knife Law Primer for Beginners

The Oklahoma Knife Law Primer discusses the different types of knives and how they are classified in Oklahoma. A lot of people who live in Oklahoma want to know if they’re allowed to carry a knife and what kind of knife is ok.

Oklahoma law says you can carry a concealed knife with a blade length of less than 3 1/2 inches without a permit.

In Oklahoma, knives are considered weapons, so they are subject to the same restrictions as firearms. You must have a license or permit before carrying a concealed knife in Oklahoma. This means you need to apply for a Concealed Carry Weapons License before carrying your blades concealed in public.

Any blades that are not carried for self-defense or other lawful purposes are considered illegal, even if they are carried for educational purposes or other reasons.

Oklahoma’s Concealed Carry Laws for Knives

Oklahoma has some of the most relaxed concealed carry laws in the country. Oklahoma law states that you can legally carry a knife with a blade length of 3 inches or less. You cannot conceal any knife with a blade over 3 inches.

All of the knives, with blades over 3.5 inches, are prohibited from being carried concealed on your person without a license. And this carries over to all non-metallic knifes that are made for purposes other than cutting.

Oklahoma Knife Laws Legal Issues and Considerations

Knife laws vary from state to state and can be confusing. Oklahoma does not allow for open carry of knives, but it is still possible to carry a knife in the open as long as it doesn’t have a blade length of more than 4 inches.

If you are planning on carrying a knife at work, you must first notify the employer. However, there are some exceptions such as if it is used as an integral part of your job (e.g., culinary arts) or if you need to use the knife at work (e.g., food service). If this is not the case then you should go through proper channels and get approval first before bringing a knife

Knife laws are state-specific. Oklahoma has a law which prohibits the carrying of knives, but it is legal to carry them if they are concealed.

It’s important to know the law before you go around carrying a knife in public, or you could end up in jail.


There are many misconceptions about the legality of knives in Oklahoma. These misconceptions can lead to people breaking the law without even realizing it.

While some knives are illegal to carry in public, many others are perfectly legal. If you’re unsure whether or not a knife you own fits into any of these categories, be sure to research your area’s laws before carrying it around in public. We learned that there are different types of knives and that there are different laws for each of them. The more we know about knives and the laws, the safer we’ll be.


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