What is S30V Steel?

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When looking at superior knives made in the US, you will see that S30V steel is one of the most common steels for knives blades. S30V steel is made with chrome and carbon content, and from different tests, S30V offers edge retention as well as corrosion resistance. 

What is S30V Steel?

S30V steel is a kind of steep is made by Crucible Industries. Today, there have been developments to come up with the best mixture of wear resistance, hardest as well as corrosion-resistant steel and the S30V powder steel is a result of which effort. 

If you’re in the market for the best folding knife, pocket knife made from the best and high-grade stainless steel, think of S30V steel varieties. Knife blades made from S30V steel have proven to be very effective and corrosion-resistant. 

Not like conventional rotated steels, this S30V is created following powder metallurgy- a procedure that lessens molten alloys to powder. Then the grains are firmly pressed mutually to make superior powdered steel with superb stability and toughness. 

Chemical Composition of S30V Steel 

  • 1.45% Carbon C: Improves the hardness, tensile strength, and edge retention. It also boosts steel resistance to abrasion, wears as well as corrosion. 
  • 14.00% Chromium Cr: Over 11 percent of Chromium is what makes stainless steel. Chromium carbide formation increases the knife blade’s tensile strength, toughness, and hardness. 
  • 2.00% Molybdenum: This property enhances hardness and machinability. 
  • 4.00% Vanadium V: Improve toughness and wear resistance and increase rust resistance. The high content of vanadium allows VR formation, providing the steel an advantage over other types that depend on Chromium in wear and tear resistance.
  • 0.20% Nitrogen N: This adds durability to the knife blade, works the same way as carbon in the alloy. 
  • 0.40% Tungsten W: Boosts hardness and wear resistance, largely included to tool steel.
  • 0.50% Manganese Mn: Improves brittleness and hardness. 
  • 1.00% Silicon Si: Increases heat resistance and strength 
  • 0.03% Sulfur: Enhances machinability
  • Phosphorus: Improves hardness and machinability. 

What are the Benefits of S30V?

S30V steel offers many benefits such as:


Hardness in the blade is the ability or strength to resist malformation when utilized in hard applications. This kind of steel has 58-61 HRC Rockwell Hardness. But, with additional heat treatment, high carbon steel is able to reach up to 64 HRC. The high hardness is what makes this the best and top stainless steel available today. 

Edge retention

Because of its amazing hardness, knife blades made from this steel provide superb edge retention. The fact that it is made from highly uniform molecules of Tungsten Carbon, Manganese, and Vanadium, this steel makes a knife that can retain sharpness for many years of use. To get rid of the aggravation of sharpening a knife after some cuts, get yourself a product made from S30V steel. 

Corrosion Resistance

Buying a knife that is corrosion resistant provides you remarkable protection against rust, particularly when exposed to acids, moisture, and salt. S30V steel has a high amount of Chromium, providing superb corrosion resistance. On the other hand, just like a knife made from other forms of steel, and S30V steel knife shouldn’t be taken for granted, or else it will rust.

Wear resistance

Because of the high amount of Chromium and Vanadium in the composition, this steel is included in the list of the best steels with high wear resistance. Knives made from S30V have proven resistant to damage from abrasive as well as adhesive wear. Knives made of this steel will not be distorted or bent irrespective of the material or solid you utilize it on.

Amazing Sharpness

Sharpening a knife made of S30V steel isn’t as simple as sharpening AUS 8 steel due to its hardness. When the steel is hard, you will find it hard to sharpen the knife. Obtaining a well-defined edge will take some energy and sweat as it has strong wear resistance. So, if you want to obtain a sharp edge with knives made from this material, you will require diamond tools to hone it.

On the other hand, pay for the difficulty in sharpening; it keeps its sharpness for many uses, so you’ll not need to go under the pressure of honing it from time to time.

Utmost Stiffness

For steel to provide superb stiffness, you may need to give up hardness. And the fact that S30V steel provides superb hardness and corrosion resistance, its stiffness isn’t the most excellent. 

Not to say that it’s terrible; however, there are stiff steels available than the S30V. On the other hand, it will take a lot of tough uses with knives made from this steel prior to starting to crack, chip, and break. 

Top Knives with S30V Steel 

Spyderco Paramilitary 2

S30V is the best kind of steel. It boasts amazing features of high quality knife steel with solid corrosion resistance, amazing edge retention, and toughness. 

We will begin the list with the star. The state-of-the-art Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is extensively termed as one of the most excellent all-around knives available and what makes it apart from the rest is the S30v material. At this point, the PM2 knives are also available in S110V. 

This knife is a little bit bigger with 3.5 inches leaf-shaped blade as well as G-10 grippy handle scales. This makes use of the compression lock, and the entire pieces seem to fit jointly flawlessly. 

Gerber 06 Manual Combat 

Gerber is a renowned knives manufacturers that use S30V steel. The Gerber 06 is considered one of the superb American-made folding knives made from S30V steel. 

It comes in many iterations; however, this one has serrations. The first one was automatic; however, Gerber 06 brings the best knife to the people. It has a hefty blade complemented by a tough anodized aluminum handle that comfortably and nicely fills your hand. The plunge lock mechanism and overall design make it user-friendly even when wearing hand gloves. 

Kershaw Blur S30V

This company has never been big on premium steel. Typically, they utilize a Sandvik 14C28N steel which has many features. Occasionally, they run knives in amazing steels like the Avalanche, but the Blur seems to have stuck. 

The Kershaw Blur is hailed as one of the best EDC knives available. The handle of this knife is made of aluminum material with Trac-tec inlays; however, what makes it apart is the blade made from S30V.

Buck Vantage Pro

With the declaration of Buck that S30V is superb steel, it is not surprising that it makes a tough S30V folding knife. The Buck Vantage Pro knife is available in small and large sizes. The large one comes with 3.25 inches blade, and the small one has 2.625 inches blade. 

Zero Tolerance 0350 Knife

S30V steel is not common steel for Zero Tolerance, a sister brand of Kershaw. On the other hand, it is a most hailed knife in the market that makes use of steel. The Zero Tolerance 0350 knives are indeed a certified beast. It comes with a smaller blade that only measures 3.25 inches and 7.6 inches in length. The blade is extremely beefy and covered with non-reflective Tungsten DLC coating, which offers additional toughness to the material.

This amazing knife makes use of SpeedSafe assisted opening and locks through liner lock. It has a black handle that is textured G-10. In general, this is considered a hard-working foldable knife ever made.

Gerber Decree

The company makes another appearance on this list with the state-of-the-art Decree knives. This one is more cost-efficient steel options integrated with solid style and a made in the US construction. It is also integrated with 3.7 inches amended tanto blade profile with a flipper mechanism and partial serrations.

What makes it apart is the handle made of rubber over-molded glass-packed nylon, which offers a comfortable and reliable grip. There are some issues regarding the pocket clip that you need to be aware of. On the other hand, a lot of previous users find it one of the best S30V steel knives ever made.

Does Knife Made S30V steel Material Prone to Rust?

Knives made of S30V steel are not prone to rust as the material has 14 percent chromium that provides good corrosion resistance. On the other hand, this steel is also prone to corrosion if exposed to corrosion agents. So, if you buy a knife made of this material, make sure to clean it every after use. Doing so will keep it rust-free, and you can use it for a long time. 

Is S30V Reliable Knife Steel?

When you look at its properties and benefits, it is safe to say that it is reliable and ideal for knives. The superb wear resistance, hardness, decent toughness, and corrosion resistance make it a perfect option for manufacturers. 

To Sum Up

S30V steel is made to provide balanced stainless steel that can provide toughness, good grindability, edge retention, and corrosion resistance knives. So, if you’ve been searching for a confirmation to purchase a knife made with S30V steel, this article should provide you with good information. 


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