Missouri Knife Laws

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This section of the Missouri State Statutes regulates knives.

Knives are a common tool that can be found in our kitchens and backyards. They’re used for food preparation, cutting ropes and more. But when they get too close to someone’s skin, they can become a weapon.

A person commits the crime of unlawful use or possession of a knife if he possesses any knife under any circumstances that he knows that it would be unlawful to possess such a weapon under Section 571.030, RSMo, and he has been previously convicted of a violation of this section or Section 571.030, RSMo. A person who has been convicted for violating this statute may be issued a concealed carry permit if prohibited from carrying concealed weapons by law.

A person commits the crime of unlawful use or possession with intent to commit violence if he shall unlawfully use a bludgeon, blackjack, slungshot.

Categories of Knives

Knives are categorized according to its purpose:

Combat knives

Combat knives are a type of knife that have been specifically designed for close-range combat. They tend to be single-edged and have a long, sharp point. They are typically large, heavy-duty knives with a blade length of 12 to 20 inches. It does not come with a sheath and the blade is fixed to the handle. This is a military weapon that has been used for many years and is still in use today.

Recreational knives

Recreational knives are compact, lightweight, and inexpensive knives that are mainly used when the user is looking for a knife to start with. They can be used for, but not limited to, camping, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. The blade of a recreational knife is often small and made from stainless steel . These knives are not meant to be used in the workplace, but rather only to be carried around with you for your own personal enjoyment or hobbies or can also be kept at home as collectible items.

Kitchen knives

Cooking knives are designed to work in the kitchen. They are usually stainless steel instead of carbon steel (to prevent rust since a kitchen is a wet environment). They are made to have a handle that won’t slip when wet and constructed in a way that would be easy to clean and not harbor food, microorganisms, and dirt. They are also usually flexible because chopping is a hard task.

How to Safely Carry Your Knife With You – What’s Allowed?

The law does allow you to carry a concealed knife that is not considered a dangerous weapon.

The law in Missouri says that if someone is carrying a concealed weapon, then they must have their weapons in a sheath, holster, or something like that. It is not legal to carry concealed knives.

Some knives can be carried on your person without being considered concealed weapons. These are pocketknives with blades less than four inches long, hunting knives, certain types of knives used for fishing or camping purposes.

It is not legal to carry a concealed knife in Missouri unless you have a permit. The following knives are legal in Missouri without any special permits:

  • A fixed-blade knife with a blade over 3″ long that is carried openly or that can be seen when worn or displayed by the person carrying it
  • A folding pocketknife with no blade over 3″ long that can be easily opened with one hand
  • A jackknife with no blade over 3″ long
  • A common penknife

Knife laws vary by state and jurisdiction. It is important to know the knife laws in your area, what is allowed, and what isn’t.


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