What is VG10 Steel?

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At this point, kitchen cutlery made in Japan has become the leading option for many chefs all over the world. 

These blades are renowned for great functionality and superior sharpness, which make them a preferred one of professional cooks and home chefs alike. These knives do well in preparing food or cutting any objects because of the steel that they utilize. 

Each blade manufacturer utilizes a different type of steel; however, there are many knives available that utilize VG10 steel, which is due to many good reasons. It’s the leading option for Damascus blades and is notorious for being a hard and solid material. 

VG10 steel has fantastic edge retention due to its high carbon content and amazing corrosion resistance properties. Many blade manufacturers consider VG10 the number one choice for any knife. 

This type of steel can be brittle as well due to its hardness, therefore ensure to handle it with care. In this blog, we will look at the features and benefits of VG10 steel and the top knives available made with this material. 

What is VG10 Steel?

VG10 is considered one of the most popular stainless steel made in Japan to create kitchen cutlery. It can offer good edge sharpness as well as edge retention. It also has very strong corrosion resistance. This steel belongs to a line of steel known as Cobalt Steels; however, it also has Vanadium that boosts its toughness, edge retention, and strength. 

VG10 steel is also considered one of the oldest types of steel available. At this point, it enjoys international fame. It is applied to make high-grade kitchen blades and high-end hunting, tactical as well as pocket knives. 

Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of VG10 steel is characterized by utmost amounts of chromium, cobalt, carbon, and molybdenum. Chromium is a metal responsible for this steel having superb corrosion resistance. The high presence of carbon makes it super hard. The cobalt helps intensify the impact of every element in the VG10 steel. 

  • Carbon 1%: Improved its resistance to wear and hardness 
  • Chromium 15.5 %: Improves the sharpness and strength of this material. However, it makes it provide superior resistance to corrosion. 
  • Molybdenum 1%: Improves the strength of the material, makes it simpler to deal with, and at the same time increase machinability. 
  • Vanadium 1.2%: Improves abrasion resistance and hardness
  • Phosphorous 0.03%: Improves the strength of the steel 
  • Manganese 0.5%: Improve the hardness of the VG10 
  • Cobalt 1.5%: Improves individual impact of the other elements’ individual effects that make up the steel. 

The Many Benefits of VG10 Steel

The rigidity of the blade material is significant as it decides the capacity of the blade to oppose wear and scraped spots. In addition, it influences how the material holds a frame during an application.

The hardiness of the VG10 steel lies somewhere in the range of 56 and 60 Hard-Rolled-Coil. The high hardness of this material is because of its carbon content. This hardness can fluctuate from 56 to 60, contingent upon the hotness treatment procedure a given producer applies.

Edge Retention

Another amazing feature of this steel is its capability in keeping a decent cutting edge even if you have used it for many years. That is precisely what you obtain with this VG10 steel blade. The chromium, carbon, molybdenum, and cobalt components combine to provide VG10 knife imposing edge retention. There is no need to hone the blade after every use.


Try not to confound the hardness of the blade with its strength. The last option alludes to the capability of the steel to endure lateral forces and impact, which may wind up chipping or breaking the knife. The higher the hardness of the steel, the lower the durability- this is a standard of steel. However, you’ll be astounded that this standard does not exactly hold up regarding this kind of steel. Regardless of the hardiness, VG10 steel, in any case, can set up great sturdiness, and it will endure tremendous circumstances.

Corrosion and Rust Resistant Feature

Does a blade make of VG10 steel prone to rust? Well, the answer is not. VG10 has superb anti-rust performance, and this is due to the high chromium, which is 15.5 percent, which makes it high carbon steel, which combats corrosion when utilized in humid, wet, and marine environments. On the other hand, bear in mind that this type of steel may not be totally corrosion-resistant. And you may require taking regular care of the knives to make sure they don’t get rusted.


Is VG10 steel is that it is easy to hone or sharpen? Good news because, unlike other steel, VG10 is easy and straightforward to sharpen. Even if it is hard steel, the chemical composition stabilizes so well it does not compromise the sharpenabilty. This leads to the blade being easy to hone than other types of hard steels available. And when sharpened, VG10 is able to hold its edge relatively well. 

Top Knives with VG10 Steel

Some of the best knives made with VG10 steel are as follows:

Spyderco Dragonfly 2

This blade comes with a lightweight and compact design, which makes it ideal for carrying around with no entanglement. This kitchen blade is made from VG10 with superb resistance to corrosion and wear. The knife is durable, easy to sharpen on different surfaces such as wood, and very sharp. It’s medium dimension and optimized for cutting in spite of its modest size.

The handle is made from FRM that is safe and comfortable when using and handling. The comfortable handle is made in an ergonomic design for easy grip, holding, and use. The design of the handle also helps in improving and optimizing its efficiency. It’s a perfect tool when camping, hunting, etc.


  • Safe to use
  • Small and easy to carry anywhere you want to go


  • Loosen after using is easy 

FANTECH Damascus Professional 

If you search for a stylish and classy chef blade, you will surely find FANTECK chef knife amazing. The knife is made with V-sharp edge as well as precisely hand hones at ten to fifteen percent on each side to provide an effortlessly cutting experience. It is the best blade for chopping, mincing, dicing meat, slicing, sushi, veggies, fruits as well as fish.

The knife has VG10 carbon steel to make sure superb durability, strength as well as stain resistance. FANTECH comes razor-pointed and holds the edge very well; therefore, do you not need to hone it once in a while.

This blade is already optimized with a relaxed ergonomic handle made of pakkawood that provides you superb grip, comfort, and perfect balance. This makes sure you take pleasure in full control over your blade. You can use this blade in your hand for many hours without experiencing wrist fatigue and developing hotspots.

If you buy this kitchen blade, it comes with a small sharpener and a stylish-looking blade sheath for utmost convenience. What is more, it has an amazing gift box that is ideal if you have a plan of giving this blade as a present to a cook or somebody who enjoys cooking.

YAIBA Kiritsuke Professional Chef Knife

This knife will make an ideal present for a professional chef or cook in your life. It is nicely made optimized for a smooth cutting in meat and fruits. It has amazing designs and comes in a good sheath and high quality box.

This stunning blade comes with 8.3 inches long forged out of VG10 steel for superb toughness and rust resistance. It is very sharp and comes with a convex-shaped grind, which allows you to slice fish, fruits, meat, and vegetables effortlessly and smoothly.

This VG10 blade can hold its raggedness for many years, which makes it stands out from low-quality knives which need you to hone them every now and then.

It is also easy to hold when cutting; this is made possible because of the ergonomic, non-slip-shaped handle. G10 is a military-grade material, extreme temperature, waterproof, and shock-resistant, so it will keep in the utmost condition with daily application in the kitchen.

In general, this one is a remarkable kitchen blade for professional chefs out there. This is high quality and has amazing style and design. It is made with strong steel made to provide consistent and clean cuts.


VG10 is a kind of steel with carbon initially generated in Japan. Because of its edge retention, rust resistance, toughness, and durability characteristics, this is one of the desired materials in the making of blades.

Some amazing features of this steel that make it exceptional and unique are as follows:

  • Boasts more than 1 percent carbon
  • The additional chromium content avoids rust formation
  • It has exclusive hardening components like manganese, cobalt, and Vanadium.

If you look for a superior component for blades that will not disappoint you for many years of use, check the Gold standard of Japan knife-making.


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