EDC Knives: What That Really Mean?

EDC Knives: What that really Mean?

To help all the knife fledglings out there, we are going to discuss in detail every essential aspect of owning a knife for daily use.

11 Unusual Knives Found Around The World

11 Unusual Knives Found Around the World

Knives are one of the oldest inventions in the world. Many classic knives have been lost to the pages of history, there are still many iconic designs that exist around the world.

knife with holes

Why do Kitchen Knives Have Holes?

If you have been around kitchen knives for a while, you may have probably noticed that some have holes or dimples on their blades. And you may have wondered what purpose those holes serve. Well, you are not the only one to ask yourself that question. Whether it’s a paring knife, a cheese knife, a chef’s knife, a boning knife, or a cleaver, almost all types of kitchen knives have holes in them. Apart from enhancing the knife’s aesthetics, holes can also increase its cutting efficiency, among other benefits. Let’s take a closer look at why some kitchen knives have dimples and holes in the blade.

How To oil wooden handles on kitchen knives 1

How To oil wooden handles on kitchen knives

All chefs would agree that quality is vital when sourcing kitchen knives to ensure they are efficient in meal preparation. Before investing in a kitchen knife, it’s important to get one which you can maintain. Taking care of the blade will guarantee it is ready when you need to use it if you do not take care of it; the chance is you will have a hard time when preparing your meal.

Knife And Blade Safety

Knife and Blade Safety

Whether working with a knife supplied by your employer, or your own blade, it is important to know how best to handle your knife to avoid a workplace injury. Understanding some simple knife handling safety practices can help you avoid hazards and serious injury.

Hunting Knife

Can You Take Hunting Knives On A Plane?

What do you like to do during your free time? Are you the kind of person who loves relaxing at home in front of the TV or playing with the kids at the playground? Or, are you the type who takes the family on a hunting trip? There are lots of things involved with hunting, but their hunting knife is generally the most important. Hunting knives could be used for more than just hunting, such as survival and self-defence.

Hunting Knife

Why Do Combat Knives have a serrated spine?

If you’ve ever seen one of the Rambo movies, you’ll notice he carries a large Vietnam-era combat knife. You’re probably wondering why one side of it looks like a mini-saw?