Knife sharpened on a whetstone

How to remove nicks from a kitchen knife

A kitchen knife should always be at its best form for it to function as it should both safety and ensuring the best hygiene. If by any chance it happens to have nicks, it will end up frustrating you because you won’t get the quality service you want when doing kitchen preparations.

hunting knife

Hunting Knives 101 – The making & the type

There are several hunting knives available in the market that will do their job quite miraculously. In this article, we’ll learn about the fundamentals of determining which hunting knife should be an ideal choice for a hunter.

Buck hunting knives

The quick guide to picking the best buck hunting knives

Choosing the “best of” anything is quite a difficult task, particularly when it comes down to an individual choice which is very subjective. Unfortunately, finding the best buck hunting knives is one of those tasks, as each person’s selection of knife varies depending upon the utility they need.